May 25th, 2022

Attendees: @adam-fowler, @davmoser, @jdmcd, @kmahar, @patrick, @0xTim, @tomerd, @graskind

Action items

Done since last meeting

  • @tomerd has brought up SSWG topics during the Website WorkGroup discussions
    • keeping the agenda item as we still need to figure out where there to put our guides
    • ongoing discussions with the website work group
  • @tomerd Swift Server CI for arm64
  • @tomerd linker memory issue on Linux specifically
    • was solved but the patch was reverted
    • will follow-up but people are aware and working on it
    • @graskind: a similar issue exists on macOS but that's a different story since it's a completely different linking mode and linker used
  • @patrick investigated how rustup handles system dependencies
    • it just assumes they're there
    • works fine because there's few of those dependencies, just glibc pretty much


  • Swiftly
    • Saleem interested in discussing windows support
    • make another Swiftly meeting and invite Saleem
    • @tomerd: how @patrick feels about taking the next steps
      • Formalize and move to some concrete repo and start coding on it?
      • Move to swift-installer-scripts or somewhere, and make it more real?
      • Up to @patrick @adam-fowler to see where to start hacking
  • @0xTim Apetite for SourceKit in monthly Linux releases?
    • General request to get releases
    • @tomerd / @ktoso: in general let's do this case by case; if we have a bug we want to get fixed in a linux only release, let's make issue and raise it one by one
      • we can bring it to the team
    • In general not a problem, but we should not make the linux releases have "more features" than mainline, they can get fixes early though.
    • @adam-fowler: Alex was quite open to merging back to older releases
      • Reason: because sourcekit-lsp fixes for the VSCode plugin / editing experience
      • @adam-fowler: some of the fixes relate to SwiftPM fixes
        • @tomerd: not an issue, if we need both we can; but it is easyer for linux only things
        • it is hard for "would be nice" earlier feature shipping tho
        • action @adam-fowler: List of changes and fixes and we'll do a thread
  • Goals 2022:
    • Tom: check in the goals and note them down
    • make sure we don't lose vision
    • medium checkin if we're focusing on the right things
  • @0xTim Foundation / Docs issues
  • @tachyonics wants to adopt swift-distributed-tracing in Smoke as their new system is using swift concurrency a lot :slight_smile:
    • Next version of smoke, around swift 5.7, to adopt Swift Distributed Tracing
    • @ktoso: we'll finalize it some time after WWDC "calms down"
      • the only thing holding it up is the logging integration really
      • working to get Moritz back to helping out here on the final bits :-)
  • @0xTim Server side swift conference
    • December 2022
    • Looking for talks, sponsors!
  • @0xTim: has someone implemented Package Registry?
    • YES! Artifactory has implemented the registry APIs and announced it here :tada:
    • @tomerd was on swampUP conference to announce this collaboration :slight_smile:
      • This is mostly for enterprise users, within companies, setting up as a proxy or private registry, but it is fully functional.
    • Swift 5.7 includes all the client side features
  • Survey -- brainstorming new questions
    • @kmahar taking notes and will update the survey
    • added some questions about concurrency, packaging and platforms