Linux Swift archives sha changes

We noticed recently that the archive for Swift 5.1.2 for Ubuntu bionic changed shas from when we pinned it in a custom Dockerfile we used. Is this something that's expected to happen over time for the same download URLs?

I believe it started happening for this specific version ~december, and the date on shows 11/7/19, but I'm not sure that would be updated if a new archive was pushed?

Docker images on are updated to latest dot version. For example, Swift 5.1 release tag was recently updated to 5.1.5.

Tags: 5.1.5, 5.1, 5.1.5-bionic, 5.1-bionic
GitCommit: 05538e13a3015675d83e2553cdce5d1d67e17235
Directory: 5.1/ubuntu/18.04

Yea sorry but I meant we were building our own docker images by downloading the source tar files, and the shas of the tars are what have changed.

Swift 5.1.2 had an issue with Swift version, which required new toolchain.

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