Is it appropriate to announce paid (not free) products here?

Is it appropriate to announce paid (not free) products here? Swift related of course, and having a fully functional free trial period.


I'm no expert on forum guidelines however IMHO if the product is a dev tool targeting Swift developers posting here seems reasonable, however, I'm no expert on the forum guidelines :sweat_smile:

If it's a consumer-focused app that happens to be written in Swift however, it may not be relevant to the Swift forums.

Perhaps a question to ask could be "is this product interesting to and targeting Swift developers"?

Official guidelines here.

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It is.

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Thank you for the link. The official guidelines say nothing about free/paid products, but among allowed things are

things that may be of broad interest to other Swift programmers

I believe my product is.

a developer tool that supports Swift, like an editor, build system

My developer tool is both.


Commercial products are on-topic here as long as they have Swift-specific content, yes. An editor with Swift syntax highlighting or something like that would qualify.