About the Community Showcase category

The purpose of this category is to allow members of the Swift community to announce things that may be of broad interest to other Swift programmers. These announcements are generally considered off-topic in the rest of the forums. Forums users who are uninterested in these announcements can simply mute this category by clicking on the category and using the subscription menu in the top-right corner of the page (a button with a bell icon).

Announcements here should be directly pertinent to Swift programmers. They should be about things that are primarily about Swift programming or useful to Swift programmers, such as:

  • a work that discusses Swift, like a book, article, blog, or podcast
  • a Swift-specific conference or conference track
  • a developer tool that supports Swift, like an editor, build system, or static analysis tool
  • a library or program with a Swift programming interface
  • a tutorial, curriculum, or course about Swift programming
  • anything with a similar focus on Swift

Please do not use this category to announce things like:

  • a work that discusses software development in general but isn't really about Swift
  • a program or library that's just written in Swift but doesn't provide a Swift programming interface
  • a job opening for Swift programmers

Announcements are expected to be informational and professional in tone. In addition to following the Code of Conduct, they are required to "stay positive" and avoid any overtly negative statements about competitors or alternatives. In return, unless an announcement explicitly invites open discussion, announcement threads are not ordinary discussion threads: responses should be limited to requests for more information and should specifically refrain from challenging the announcement.

Announcements about a specific thing, or from a specific user, should be limited to a handful per year. For example, this is a good place to announce that you've started a weekly podcast about Swift programming; it's not the right place to announce that you've uploaded this week's episode. If you need a dedicated venue for more frequent discussion, consider asking for a subcategory in Related Projects.

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