How to package/install a custom-built toolchain?

i’ve figured out how to build the swift compiler on Amazon Linux 2023, but i’m not sure how to package the artifacts i have built into a “toolchain archive” of the sort you might download from from

how should i go from a successful Ninja build to a toolchain installation?

To build a Swift toolchain for Linux, you can follow these steps:

If you are not building it in Docker, you can directly call build-script.

./swift/utils/build-script \
--preset buildbot_linux \
install_destdir=/home/build-user/swift-install \
installable_package=/home/build-user/swift-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-$(date +'%F')-a.tar.gz"

If you would like to skip test suite, you can use buildbot_linux,no_test preset.


Also, if you have the Amazon Linux 2023 working with Docker. I would recommend creating a pull request on apple/swift-docker, and I can look into configuring a CI job for it.