Diversity in Swift work group update

The Diversity in Swift work group just wrapped up the pilot round of the Swift Mentorship Program, and we’re reflecting on the successes of the first year of Diversity in Swift. We’ll share a few highlights of the accomplishments and learnings of the mentees in the coming weeks — stay tuned for that update! We’re also thinking about what we want to accomplish in the coming year, and we’re excited to announce the following changes to the Diversity in Swift work group:

Devanshi Modha (@devanshimodha) is joining the work group. Devanshi is an iOS engineer eager to help build more support in the Swift community, with a special interest in improving the Swift Mentorship Program. Devanshi has participated in several software engineering mentorship programs, she served as a leader of a Women in Engineering student group at her university, and she has helped facilitate networking groups within the iOS community.

Marc Aupont (@digimarktech) is joining the work group. In addition to his work as an iOS engineer at Nike, Marc has been a champion for inclusion and diversity within developer communities for many years. Marc has worked to create opportunities for technical growth in the Swift community by organizing meetups for beginners, sharing his own experience and expertise through mentorship programs, working collaboratively with HBCU students on app development, and more.

Timirah James (@timirahj) is joining the work group. Timirah is a Swift engineer and technology evangelist with a passion for helping underrepresented communities explore STEM, and providing everyone with an opportunity to start programming regardless of skill level and available tools. Timirah has been contributing to outreach within the Swift community for many years, from giving technical talks to organizing networking events, seminars, hackathons, and more.

Kaya Thomas (@kmt901) is stepping down from the work group. Over the last year, Kaya has been instrumental in shaping Diversity in Swift from its initial launch through the creation and pilot round of the Swift Mentorship Program. Thank you, Kaya, for your contributions!

Niharika Bedekar (@niharikabedekar) is stepping down from the work group. Diversity in Swift would not exist today without Niharika’s passion for supporting engineers in the industry and drive for making change. Thank you, Niharika, for sparking the inception of Diversity in Swift, and for all of the work you’ve put into improving our community.

Let’s welcome Devanshi, Marc, and Timirah to the Diversity in Swift work group!


Very impressive update! I am really glad to see familiar names, and would like to thank you all for helping the Swift Community! Is there any plans when the Swift Mentorship Program will restart, please? I am looking forward to apply and contribute.


We're currently scoping out the changes we want to make to the program based on feedback from the pilot round, and we hope to run the next cohort early next year.


Will the cohort be in the first or second quarter of year 22?

Seems it is out: The 2022 Swift Mentorship Program