Development open for Swift 5.5.3 for Linux and Windows

We are happy to announce the opening of the development phase for Swift 5.5.3 for Linux and Windows.


Awesome, thanks for the headsup.

What kind of changes are supposed to be accepted? There is a bunch of regression issues (mostly since 5.4) (e.g.,SR-14988, SR-14815) recorded in the issue tracker, but also many others.

(Not wanting to derail this thread, but… I always wonder if anyone is working on the behemoth of Linux-related issues? And how do we know if someone works on something? I have a bit of fear that is turning into the nirvana the Apple Rdar tracker is.)

More info about the process is available here: Process documentation

Whilst the merge window is open, everybody can open a pull request against the swift-4.2-branch in swift-corelibs-foundation or swift-corelibs-xctest on Github. To keep the process smooth and lightweight, the release managers will only consider pull requests that

  • are bug fixes,
  • have already been merged to master ,
  • pass all the unit tests on swift-4.2-branch , and
  • contain at least one unit test exercising the changed code.

We expect most bug fixes to be small corrections, so creating the pull request might be a matter of creating a branch followed by git cherry-pick -x FIX-COMMIT-FROM-MASTER-SHA . We do realize not all backports will be a conflict-free cherry picks but we hope the community works together to deliver the most pressing bug fixes in a timely manner.

(Replace master --> main and swift-4.2-branch --> release/5.5)

Do you have any info on when will url) be available on Linux?


Current plan is to release Swift 5.5.3 with following changes, please let me know if we are missing any changes.




No changes between swift-5.5.2-RELEASE and swift-5.5.3-RELEASE for following repositories

  • cmark
  • indexstore-db
  • llbuild
  • sourcekit-lsp
  • swift-corelibs-foundation
  • swift-corelibs-libdispatch
  • swift-corelibs-xctest
  • swift-driver
  • swift-integration-tests
  • swift-stress-tester
  • swift-syntax
  • swift-tools-support-core
  • swift-xcode-playground-support
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The merge window is now closed.

Thank you!

@mishal_shah will you also be posting on this thread once the release goes out?

Yes, I will post here.

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any updates @mishal_shah ?