Announcing Swift 5.5.3 for Linux and Windows

We are happy to announce the release of Swift 5.5.3 for Linux and Windows.

New downloads are available on - Download Swift


yay thank you @mishal_shah how long after a release do the docker images get updated?

Will these also be available through winget?

This seems to be the recommended installation method, but I don't see the point releases on there, just 5.5.

Looks like Saleem submitted a couple releases since last summer, you could always submit a pull for the latest release.

I've submitted a PR to make this release available for Nix users.

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It will be available few hours after official image PR is merged -

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I've submitted a PR to winget-pkgs: Swift.Toolchain 5.5.3 by svanimpe · Pull Request #46123 · microsoft/winget-pkgs · GitHub

@compnerd Does that look OK to you? I've tried to bring over the values from the existing manifest, but the current manifests are a bit different (split over multiple files). Also, I was unable to extract the product code from the executable and I'm not sure if that makes a difference.

I would rather that you don't split the manifest up, it does make bumping and testing the changes more difficult. I think that the bump replacing 5.5 with 5.5.3 is fine; I hadn't pushed that yet because I wanted to do some more whetting of the change before doing so. But since you've done the work already - I'd say it would be nice if you did the bump similar to how the previous versions had been and replacing 5.5 so that the only option for the 5.5 series is 5.5.3, it would be better. If you want to take over keeping winget up to date for this, please let me know, I'm more than happy to have some else be responsible for them.

@compnerd I've checked with the winget-pkgs maintainers and we are supposed to create a new manifest for every version. Unfortunately, the PR is now blocked on the version display issue that I believe you also encounter with your initial PRs.

Is this a fixable issue, or do we need a workaround?

That is not fixable without some extensive amount of work. If you want to take on the work to figure out how to automate that, that would be great!