Canonical usernames: Forum vs. Github

I know it’s pretty early in our transition from mailing list to forums, so not everybody had a chance to get hold of their staged accounts and had a chance to consolidate multiple accounts, but I’m a bit confused by few Apple developers using default staging accounts with usernames like @Firstname_Lastname and not their Github usernames.

If I understand the process correctly, you can have your multiple accounts merged by @forum_admins, but the @ references to old name in posts will point nowhere. So I guess its better to fix this sooner than later…

Do you think it is a good idea to use same usernames here as on Github, so that we don’t have to mentally juggle between them? Or should we deliberately have a Firstname_Lastname convention in the forums?

CC @Nicole_Jacque, @Ben_Cohen, @Chris_Lattner3, @Michael_Gottesman, @Michael_Ilseman, @Andrew_Trick, @Erik_Eckstein, @mishal_shah, @Lance_Parker


I hadn’t noticed what my username was. Thanks for the heads up. I changed mine to match GitHub.

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I’ve seen that may people seem to have their real names next to their username, while some (such as me) don’t have this. What’s the difference between the two? Does it mean that I haven’t merged some account?

If you go to your profile > Preferences, there’s an optional Full Name field, which is probably empty?

edit: Hmmm. Your full name shows when I select your username and in your profile details, but not in the post header. That is strange!

Yeah, that’s odd. I assumed that was because the Full Name wasn’t filled in, but it appears to be there. Strange. When I try to tag @saagarjha though, it shows the full name next to the username.

@saagarjha, can you please try removing and re-adding your full name to your profile and see if that does anything?

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FWIW, I am specifically using @Nicole_Jacque and not my GitHub account, because I want to be able to test/verify things as a non-admin GitHub user.

I’m happy to merge accounts for folks. I don’t think we can mandate what usernames should be, especially since we’re not requiring GitHub logins.

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I didn’t mean to imply a mandate. I just thought it would be a useful convention, especially for participants in the Development category, since we are interacting on both platforms when it comes to writing code.

Just tried this and it didn’t seem to change anything. After removing my name it disappeared from my profile, and re-adding it made it show up again, but it’s still not showing up in comments. Interestingly, this seems to affect you as well, since your name isn’t displaying either.

My theory is that if the full name is “too similar” to the username then they don’t show both. Confirmed here.


Yes, you’re right. Changing my name to anything else makes it show up.

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sanitizeName strips white space, dash and underscore. So put some emoji after your full name and you’ll be golden. :crazy_face: