๐Ÿ“… C++ interoperability workgroup: upcoming meetings

This initial post acts like a C++ interoperability workgroup meeting calendar. This thread contains the invitations for the upcoming meetings.

Any community member that is interested in C++ interoperability can call into a meeting.
The workgroup currently uses two distinct meeting formats:

  • Design / evolution sync-ups. Such meetings don't have a regular schedule. They happen only when a community member raises agenda items related to design and/or evolution of C++ interoperability. To add items to the agenda, please send a direct message to @cxx-interop-workgroup, or post a request on this forum section. The sync-up meetings typically occur on Mondays at 10 AM pacific time and last for an hour.

  • Weekly office hours. This is a 30 minute meeting that is open to everyone who has questions about implementation , design, or adoption of C++ interoperability. This is an informal meeting and there's no agenda so all related questions or discussion topics are welcome. We usually meet for the office hours every week (with some exceptions) on Fridays at 10AM pacific.

Upcoming meetings

The sections below list the upcoming events in the chronological order. Events with an announced invitation link to the event's announcement post on this thread. This thread contains all of the current invitations for future events. Once the meeting occurs, the invitation post is deleted from this thread and this post is updated as well.

March 2023

  • Friday, 10rd of March 10:00 AM PT: office hours
  • Friday, 17th of March 9:30 AM PT:: office hours (invitation will be sent out on the 15th of March).

@Alex_L Could it be possible to move this to Tuesday or Wednesday? I ask because some places are off for President's Day :open_mouth:

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@cxx-interop-workgroup ,
Note that I can't update the first post on this thread, so I'm going to utilize the following slightly modified posting strategy slightly:

  • Invites for Design / evolution sync-ups now go into their own new forum threads, not this thread.
  • Invites for weekly office hours still go onto this thread, so I will keep posting them here and deleting them just like I was doing before.

I will continue to tag @cxx-interop-workgroup in both invites to ensure that everyone is notified.

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Are the meetings going to still happen in the future? I understand that the time might not be great for Egor, and we might need to move the meetings to another time/hour. We might not appear every week, but the meetings have been helpful in the past, and I think they would be helpful in the future.

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Hi @cxx-interop-workgroup,

We're going to have another office hours meeting to discuss the ongoing C++ interop work. You can pitch your ideas, ask your questions or just check in to see what you can work on.

It's happening this Friday, on the 12th of April at 10:30 AM PT (5:30 PM UTC) until 11:00 PM PT. Here's the invite:

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