Being rejected in GSoC may also be helpful

GSoC 2022 result was three days ago and I was rejected. I won't lie that this made me a little sad till now, but the research I've done to finish my proposal helped me a lot and made me learn things I would never look for alone.

My proposal was about Improving the SwiftPM CLI user experience. To be honest I didn't know such a topic does even exist (and it was super interesting). The knowledge I gained because of the proposal writing research gave me a better understanding of SwiftPM and made me more open to the open-source community. Also reading about SwiftPM made me able to create a pull request in Vapor framework which deletes 3000 lines of source code, and my PR was merged! The contribution wasn't enormous but It made me accepted in Vapor team on GitHub as a contributor member and get me to know amazing people like @0xTim. I want also to give a huge shoutout to @ktoso for being super helpful and patient with me through my proposal writing, am very grateful Konard.


That's truly awesome to hear Ahmad! Thank you for sharing your story and kudos for the awesome PR to Vapor, that all sounds awesome! :smiley:

Thanks for your positive attitude about it all! We'd love to accept more projects, but we have limited capacity and the competition was tough this year, lots of great proposals came in. Thank you for taking it in a positive way, I'm so happy to have community members like yourself :slight_smile:

I think I may have mentioned that before, but might as well again: @hborla just posted about the mentorship program we have for Swift: The 2022 Swift Mentorship Program so while it's not quite the same as GSoC, it might be interesting to you or some other other students who didn't get selected for GSoC this year.

Thanks and see you around on the forums and repos then!


Yeah I have messaged Tim to ask him more about this program since he was a mentor last year, and of course I will apply. (hope I will be accepted this time :smile:)

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Hi @ktoso! I have some great news :tada::partying_face:, I've been matched in The Swift Mentorship Program and will work on Vapor this summer.


Very cool to hear that @ahmdyasser — good luck!