[Accepted with Modifications] SE-0272: Package Manager Binary Dependencies

Hello Swift Community,

The second review for SE-0272: Package Manager Binary Dependencies ran from December 13th through December 20th, 2019. You can find the review thread here .

Feedback was sparse, but we had generally positive feedback during the first round of review. Therefore the proposal has been accepted with modifications, local binary targets will not be able to reference zipped artifacts.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the review!

Boris Buegling
Review Manager


Where can we track the implementation of this?

I have been watching the Swift Package Manager master branch for that. As far as I can tell, it landed in the master branch with this pull request: https://github.com/apple/swift-package-manager/commit/12cce64acc0e410fbab4c39d89359576757f3631

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It mostly landed in the master branch over multiple pull requests in last weeks. It's only missing diagnostics when using them from other platforms than macOS.


@hartbit would spm team plan to maintain their changelog file ? It’s hard to know which feature is shipped.


I agree with this. Tracking SPM properly is currently very difficult. It would be great to see the changes per version and better understand when things are released.

Please correct us if we’re missing something we should be seeing.

In terms of when things are officially released, I think proposals are updated to indicate when they are implemented and in which version they are available.

Thanks @hartbit.
That means that these evolution proposal:

Are not currently fully implemented ?

There are all implemented, but only SE-0226 is in an announced Swift version (5.2). I'll make sure that proposal is updated. The other proposals are implemented in master and will appear in the major Swift version after 5.2, although that version hasn't be announced yet.


will appear in the major Swift version after 5.2

Just to be sure: this means 6.0, and not 5.3, so it could be relatively far away. Correct?

As Ted has already commented on package resource support coming in 5.3 (SE-0271: Package Manager Resources) I'd guess that binary dependencies will also come in 5.3.


Correct. Package Manager Resources will come in 5.3


how about binary dependencies? i see no reason for shipping those in different releases as they are needed for SPM to take off

Binary dependencies will also come in 5.3



Great news all around! SPM will become the default dependency manager for Apple platforms with Swift 5.3. Monumental! Congratulations to @hartbit and the rest of the team for making it happen.

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