“Your search term is too short”


The topic Add nil-collapsing call expression has some posts that use the inverted-question-mark character “¿”. I wanted to search the thread to find all occurrences of that character. However, when I used the search function, instead of showing any results it just said “Your search term is too short”.

Can we please make it possible to search for arbitrary text, including single characters?

(Jeremy David Giesbrecht) #2

I also miss Safari’s own search functionality with ⌘F which the site (unreliably) overrides.

(At least) the following annoy me:

  • The aforementioned minimum search term length.
  • Pressing return in the search field (sometimes) navigates to another page.
  • Clicking a result only jumps to the post, not the term itself, which in long posts may not even be visible.
  • Clicking a result closes the search. Then you have to start over.
  • Scrolling closes the search. Go back to start. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.
  • Only the first five hits display, and clicking “More...” navigates to a separate page, which is really annoying when you are in the middle of writing a post and trying to find something upthread you want to quote.