Xcode14 disabel code signing on .bundle

Xcode 14 introduces some mandatory signing on the .bundle.
We are building frameworks/xcframework in command line via xcodebuild
but it still requires code signing for the .bundle. We didnt have that issue in Xcode 13.
I have read the following thread xcode-14-beta-code-signing-issues-when-swiftpm-targets-include-resources.

I would like to disable code signing for the bundle inside the framework as its not really needed. (The framework target doesn't require code signing BUT the .bundle does)

Resources inside a framework must be signed, or else the framework’s signature is malformed. Why are you trying to avoid a signature on the embedded bundle resource?

As far as I understand the app developer will resign the SDK anyway.
(and there is no constraint to sign a framework, so even if we sign the bundle the the Framework doesn't have to be signed, I mean, if apple want to force proper signature it should be applied to everything, no?)
In Xcode 13 it wasn't mandatory.
The issue is that we need to configure it on circle ci, and that takes time. while currently we would like to build with Xcode 14 and we cant coz of it. So basically the current configurations flags won't work in Xcode 14?

On Apple Silicon, all code must be signed. The hardware will simply refuse to place the instruction pointer at an address that isn’t signed. Are you sure that the framework isn’t being signed too?

And I just realized that you’re asking about xcodebuild, not swift build. This forum isn’t the right place for Xcode questions; those should be asked on the Apple Developer Forums.

We dont build the framework on Apple silicon yet. Do you know if there is any work around for it ?
(switching to M1 and signing is in our road map BUT will take some time)