XCode - Package.swift has no Package.swift manifest for version 4.44.1

I want to implement facebook login in my project after I added the package which gave me this error /Package.swift has no Package.swift manifest for version 4.44.1 in GitHub - facebook/facebook-ios-sdk: Used to integrate the Facebook Platform with your iOS & tvOS apps.

How can I fix that?

4.44.1 does not have a package manifest. Presumably the project was not intended for use as a package yet when it was released. The latest version, 13.2.0, does contain a package manifest and should work. I have not checked all the versions in between to figure out when it was added, but you will just have to find one that is both new enough that it has a package manifest and old enough to still sufficiently resemble whatever API you were intending to use.

This sort of question belongs in “Using Swift”. The “Development” category is for development of Swift, not development in Swift.

Thanks, I used the current version and it worked :blush: