Xcode Outline view for Swift

When I click inside a function or method, Xcode symbol navigator won't highlight the current function or method name. Will Xcode have this useful feature (for Swift)?

Source Insight provides very good outline view (symbol list) for C, C++. It has one outline for symbols in current file and one for symbols in whole project.

eclipse (outline) clion (structure) also have outline feature too.

Seems VSCode is getting one too... finally (
opened this issue on Jul 6, 2018,
added the fixed (release pending) label 4 days ago)

Xcode is a closed-source product from Apple and not part of Swift. Swift does not include a source editor, and relies on third party apps to fill that function. For the most part, people will probably use Appleā€™s Xcode, at least for app development.

I suggest you file a feature request with Apple using their feedback tool.

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