Xcode Environment Variables

Is it possible to set environment variable before resolving dependencies for a swift package? I am trying to use CombineX GitHub - cx-org/CombineX: Open source implementation for Apple's Combine. CXShim version is switches b/w Apple Combine and CombineX based on a set environment variable. They default to Apple Combine if CombineX package can't find this environment variable. Now I set this variable CX_COMBINE_IMPLEMENTATION="CombineX" in project scheme but Xcode doesn't seem to load environment variables.

Any idea how to fix this? Or any better approach?


If you are asking how to work around it, see this thread:

If you are asking for a new Xcode feature to make it more ergonomic, that request should be made with Apple’s Feedback Assistant or at least over on the Apple Developer Forums. (Xcode is not part of Swift.)

Sorry for posting irrelevant stuff here. But yes I was wondering if there is any workaround available. I will check the thread you mentioned. Thanks!

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