Xcode Cloud has no write permission when running Swift Package Plugin

I have this Plugin

struct Main: BuildToolPlugin {
  func createBuildCommands(context: PluginContext, target: Target) async throws -> [Command] {
    let inputFolder = target.directory.appending("Image")
    let output = context.pluginWorkDirectory.appending("GeneratedImageAssets.swift")
    return [
        displayName: "Running ImageAssets parser",
        executable: try context.tool(named: "ImageAssetsParser").path,
        arguments: [inputFolder.string, output.string],
        environment: [:],
        inputFiles: [inputFolder],
        outputFiles: [output]

ImageAssetsParser is an executableTarget in swift code that scan folders and write them in the output folder sent by the plugin.

Although locally it works everything, on Xcode Cloud I got permission error:

The weird things is that I have also a prebuildCommand plugin that uses swiftgen, as an artifactbundle and it works properly, it writes in same folder.

Am I missing something?