Xcode 'C++ and Objective-C Interoperability' build setting not getting set

I m trying to create an xcode project with cpp-swift interoperability(introduced in xcode15) using cmake xcode generator. I m able to invoke cpp code in swift and vice-versa but when opening the project in xcode, the build setting for 'C++ and Objective-C Interoperability' is still set to 'C/Objective C' like in image below. I want to set it to 'C++/Objective-C++'.

I m using the below cmake for this:


add_library(cxx-support ./Sources/CxxSupport/Student1.cpp

#include the directory to access modulemap content
target_include_directories(cxx-support PUBLIC

target_compile_options(cxx-support PUBLIC

I Have also tried the below in cmake, but it didn't work.

 #target_compile_options(cxx-support PUBLIC

Any help on how this can be achieved?