Xcode build error

On the tensorflow branch, we recently encountered an Xcode build-script error after merging from master to swift-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2019-06-23-a:

$ ./swift/utils/build-script -x -R --debug-swift --skip-build-benchmarks --stdlib-deployment-targets=macosx-x86_64 --enable-tensorflow --reconfigure
ls: /Users/danielzheng/swift-build/build/Xcode-ReleaseAssert+swift-DebugAssert/llvm-macosx-x86_64/lib/clang: No such file or directory
./swift/utils/build-script: fatal error: command terminated with a non-zero exit status 1, aborting

I wonder if anyone's encountered the llvm-macosx-x86_64/lib/clang: No such file or directory error before?

It must be a recent regression, introduced since swift-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2019-06-17-a. I imagine the error is related to CMake/the build system.

@dan-zheng That looks like https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-10998 . There's a solution which involves a couple of temporary reverts in the comments. Ninja builds still work as well

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Thanks @owenv, the solution worked!
For reference: temporarily reverting the commit on tensorflow branch to unblock Xcode development.

Sorry for not catching this error. @jrose has put up a PR that should fix this issue: https://github.com/apple/swift/pull/25769.

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