Xcode 16b1 vs SwiftPM extra flags

I am new to this forum, so hopefully I am not doing a wrong step here by asking the following:
In an article on the web I found that prior to Xcode 16/Swift 6 I can verify and validate my Swift 6 support by adding a few extra settings to my Package.swift file.

// If future target types are also incompatible with swiftSettings then
// the where test will need to be updated.
for target in package.targets where target.type != .binary {
    var swiftSettings = target.swiftSettings ?? []
    // According to Swift's piecemeal adoption plan features that were
    // upcoming features that become language defaults and are still enabled
    // as upcoming features will result in a compiler error. Currently in the
    // latest 5.10 compiler this doesn't happen, the compiler ignores it.
    // If the situation does change and enabling default language features
    // does result in an error in future versions we attempt to guard against
    // this by using the hasFeature(x) compiler directive to see if we have a
    // feature already, or if we can enable it. It's safe to enable features
    // that don't exist in older compiler versions as the compiler will ignore
    // features it doesn't have implemented.
    // swift 6
    #if !hasFeature(ConciseMagicFile)

    #if !hasFeature(ForwardTrailingClosures)

    #if !hasFeature(StrictConcurrency)
    // StrictConcurrency is under experimental features in Swift <=5.10 contrary to some posts and documentation

    #if !hasFeature(BareSlashRegexLiterals)

    #if !hasFeature(ImplicitOpenExistentials)

    #if !hasFeature(ImportObjcForwardDeclarations)

    #if !hasFeature(DisableOutwardActorInference)

    #if !hasFeature(InternalImportsByDefault)
    #if !hasFeature(IsolatedDefaultValues)
    #if !hasFeature(GlobalConcurrency)

    // swift 7
    #if !hasFeature(ExistentialAny)
    target.swiftSettings = swiftSettings

... which by the time I updated it, I encountered several errors and warnings. However, I downloaded Xcode 16 beta 1 and ran the same code without these settings, and I didn't hit any error whatsoever.

So, my question is: is this an expected behavior by Xcode, or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

p.s. please dont scald me for not following proposals topics.