Xcode 15: po self error when i debug a framework!

I have a framework and .dsym file, and I have a source code in my computer.
when i hit a breakpoint, i run po self, it shows error below(other commands such as v self, i works well):

po self

error: Expression evaluation failed. Retrying without binding generic parameters

error: Could not evaluate the expression without binding generic types.

Message from debugger: killed

and i run swift-healthcheck, the log show some error below:
AST validation error in "LLHBinaryTester": The serialized module is corrupted.

anyone understand how to resolve it?

do you know why?

You can try running swift-healthcheck in lldb to see if the report gives you any additional input on the problem.

This points at that perhaps you're using an LLDB that embeds a different version of the Swift compiler than the one used to produce LLHBinaryTester.swiftmodule, for example, because you have multiple toolchains installed or, because that module was built on a different machine with a different compiler. Currently the swiftlang version that is printed when you run (lldb) version must match the on of the compiler.