Xcode 14.1 debugger: "error: Couldn't realize type of self"

I recently added Swift to my existing objective-c static library project and encountering issues when debugging Swift code.

When code stops at a breakpoint and I enter a po command, such as: po title, I get:

error: expression failed to parse:

error: Couldn't realize type of self

Note the following:

  1. The project is an objective-c static library with recently added Swift files.
  2. The error appears only when breakpoint is in a Swift file. There is no issues while debugging objective-c file (*.m file).
  3. Xcode version is 14.1
  4. Project is using CocoaPods.
  5. There are no issues with compilation and runtime. The only issue is with debugging.
  6. When running swift-healthcheck from breakpoint, there are plenty of errors as follow:

LoadOneModule() -- Missing Swift module or Clang module found for
"Infra", "imported" via SwiftDWARFImporterDelegate. Hint: Register
Swift modules with the linker using -add_ast_path.

While Infra is the name of my static library.

Any suggestions?