Xcode 12.5 and automatic dynamic linking of products

Xcode 12.5 boasts new capabilities for automatically resolving your linking issues at build time which made many developers rejoice who have previously had problems when trying to link their swift package manager product to their existing frameworks.

  • The Swift Package Manager now builds package products and targets as dynamic frameworks automatically, if doing so avoids duplication of library code at runtime. (59931771) (FB7608638)

I attempted to recreate a xcodeproj simulating the behaviour I expect to be resolved with this but I am faced with a broken framework on iOS since it produces an empty Versions/A subdirectory and a lack of code signing on macOS causes it to fail launching. Since the product is still in beta, I assume the team are still working through the issues.

I have been unable to find a method to control this automatic behaviour - is there one?

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