Xcode 10.2 Cannot build Swift framework for ObjC app

I use the same build script I always use to build a Swift universal binary framework, but now my Objective-C app cannot read that binary framework headers anymore (even if I build with Swift 4.2 or 5). Is this a Xcode 10.2 bug?


# make sure the output directory exists
env > env.txt
# Step 1. Build Device and Simulator versions
xcodebuild -project "${PROJECT_NAME}.xcodeproj"  -target "${PROJECT_NAME}" ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH=NO -configuration ${CONFIGURATION} -sdk iphoneos  BUILD_DIR="${BUILD_DIR}" BUILD_ROOT="${BUILD_ROOT}" clean build 
xcodebuild -project "${PROJECT_NAME}.xcodeproj" -target "${PROJECT_NAME}" -configuration ${CONFIGURATION} -sdk iphonesimulator ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH=NO BUILD_DIR="${BUILD_DIR}" BUILD_ROOT="${BUILD_ROOT}" clean build

# Step 2. Copy the framework structure (from iphoneos build) to the universal folder

# Step 3. Copy Swift modules from iphonesimulator build (if it exists) to the copied framework directory
if [ -d "${SIMULATOR_SWIFT_MODULES_DIR}" ]; then

# Step 4. Create universal binary file using lipo and place the combined executable in the copied framework directory
lipo -create -output "${UNIVERSAL_OUTPUTFOLDER}/${PROJECT_NAME}.framework/${PROJECT_NAME}" "${BUILD_DIR}/${CONFIGURATION}-iphonesimulator/${PROJECT_NAME}.framework/${PROJECT_NAME}" "${BUILD_DIR}/${CONFIGURATION}-iphoneos/${PROJECT_NAME}.framework/${PROJECT_NAME}"

# Step 5. Convenience step to copy the framework to the project's directory

# Step 6. Convenience step to open the project's directory in Finder
open "${PROJECT_DIR}"

Are you using Carthage or something similar? I believe there was a change in the header that the Swift compiler generates that some dependency managers need to update to account for.

edit: Looks like you're using lipo, I've had users of one of my frameworks complain about this too

For reference: Add functionality to merge Swift header files by DavidBrunow · Pull Request #2723 · Carthage/Carthage · GitHub

I tried the integration via Carthage/CocoaPods/manual, all doesn't work

I upgraded to Carthage 0.32 and tried carthage build also, the problem remains

I’m not sure what’s going on in this specific case, but i want to be clear that trying to build a framework that supports both device and simulator builds is not supported. That’s because iOS and the iOS Simulator are different platforms. For more background on this, see this DevForums thread.

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Quinn “The Eskimo!” @ DTS @ Apple

I built independently for 2 platforms, but I still don't know how to follow your post here as my framework requires being added to "Embedded Framework"
Edit: also ship both binary frameworks will make it impossible to deliver via CocoaPods or Carthage

I still don't know how to follow your post here as my framework
requires being added to "Embedded Framework"

I’m sad to say that all the advice I have on that topic is encapsulated in that DevForums post.

also ship both binary frameworks

A binary framework containing Swift? That’s a bad idea in general, due to Swift’s current lack of module stability (a restriction that’s being actively worked on).

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Quinn “The Eskimo!” @ DTS @ Apple

So Xcode team has put it in Known issues of Build System
It is due to merging header problem. I applied the fix suggested, things worked fine now

<contents of original iOS Simulator/Framework.framework/Framework-Swift.h>
<contents of original iOS/Framework.framework/Framework-Swift.h>


@quangDecember could you please provide the script for the fix?

Please use the script below:

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hi i have the same issue
i have framework app write in swift
i have in the targets: tool (the framework) , and framework builder
i use xcode 10.2.1
i replace my script with yours (see attachment)
and i have example project with file in swift and file objc
the swift work fine
the objective c recognise the object from frame work but not the classes , function, and properties

please help

Did you try setting Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries to true?

In the framework project?

the swift work , the objective c cant acsses to the class

I don't think "Always embed" is needed with Swift 5

did you check the modulename-Swift header file and see if the function is there yet?
it works fine on my side

the script dont do it ?

work fine xcode 10.1 without swift 4.2

You can ask this link for script which works on xcode 10.2