Xcframework with swift+objectiveC + C++

Hi. We have a C++ cross-platform based project. It is designed as library with public API. We trying to warp it with some swift interface in order to make some standalone IOS module to distribute it to some other guys who will integrate it to final project as blackbox with public swift interface.
So as far I understand xcframework - is something that apple wants to be as standard for such cases. But I cannot find any clear information about interop between C++ and swift. Current direct C++ binding to swift is in development stage. So the only way is to use Objective C warper + bridging header. But bridging header is not supported by xcframework concept.
I'm getting error: "error: using bridging headers with module interfaces is unsupported" when build it with Bazel apple_xcframework target ("-import-objc-header" copt key). So what is the correct way to do it?