XCFramework dependency conflict

In my project I'm using three 3rd party frameworks:

  • FrameworkA that is using FrameworkC as a dependency
  • FrameworkB that is using slightly modified (at public interface) FrameworkC as a dependency

Now when I'm trying to build my project XCode throws an error:

XSomeClass' has different definitions in different modules; first difference is definition in module 'FrameworkA' found method XXXX but in 'FrameworkB' found end of class

Is there any way to solve that?

If it's a Swift framework, give the modified FrameworkC a different module name so the compiler can disambiguate. If it's an Obj-C framework, rename the prefix for all of the types.

Thanks for your answer @Jon_Shier . I believe it is ObjC framework. Unfortunately I don't have access to FrameworkC source code and can't just add prefixes and rebuild. Is there anything else I can do in that case?

I imagine there's some linking magic you could do, but I really don't know.