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Before Swift was open sourced Apple released many videos about swift as part of their WWDC conference in 2014. I am seeing some of these videos disappearing from Apple Feeds. Aside from WWDC 2014 videos, there are other instances of WWDC 2015 swift videos disappearing from the feeds like the famous protocol-oriented-programming video from 2015.

What can the open source community do to make sure these videos are preserved?

WWDC 2014 Swift Sessions missing Issue.


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It seems we cannot do anything without asking Apple for permission, but I'm not a lawyer.

I guess the ask here is for the @forum_admins (or anybody from Apple) to get the proper okay for the swift project to create some form of youtube channel (like LLVMs https://www.youtube.com/c/LLVMPROJ/videos) or deploy an instance of https://joinpeertube.org/ (Example video instance https://video.blender.org/videos/local)

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Or go old school and create and FTP site with the videos
or/and host the videos on the swift.org site,
or maybe even donate the videos to https://archive.org/details/movies
so many options even checking them into git :slight_smile:


Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift, and a few other videos from WWDC 2015, are available.

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