WWDC 2020 - Ready. Set. Code

[WWDC 2020] (https://developer.apple.com/wwdc20/)
On June 22, WWDC20 takes off. Get ready for the first global, all-online WWDC by downloading the Apple Developer app to stay notified on all the latest news, with updates for events and sessions. And there’s a lot more to come — starting with the first-ever Swift Student Challenge.

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I do have to wonder how labs will work with it being free. First come first serve with online signup sounds awful.

But this is likely off topic for this forum.

Your wish is my command.

Maybe full online VM based lab environment.

If I don't have an iOS device for their app... am I SOL?

In past years the videos have been on the website as well as the app. I see no reason why this year should be any different.

Unless they are being particularly mean this year, they have used similar language in past years — but all content has been available for free online too.

Like Tim said, they've said the website will also host the live content, though it's not clear whether things like the labs will require the app. If you want a native way to view content, the wwdc.io app is pretty great, and open source.