Would it be possible to make a template/bot to reply to off-topic posts?

Often people ask questions here that are really about Apple closed source frameworks or other subjects that Apple doesn’t want this forum focused on.

Other users seem happy to mark these posts as ‘off topic’ but not give any useful advice to the poster on what to do instead. Occasionally I have replied but it gets tiresome after a while. Programmers love automating things…. Might it be possible to set-up an extension to the site to trigger an auto reply of some boilerplate (e.g. see below for an attempt at some text) that guides the question asker to Apple’s forums or StackOverflow? Does Discourse have a plug-in or API for bots?

Is this a good idea?

Hi. This forum is for discussions about the Open Source Swift language itself (ongoing development and use of). Your post appears to be more about usage of a framework (probably one usable by Swift). The forum owners think that these kinds of questions are better suited to be asked in other places. Probably the Apple Developer Forums or Stack Overflow. You are more likely to get answers there.



Good luck!