Windows 10 run error

Windows 10 21H1
Swift 5.4.2
Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.10.3 (Win SDK 10.0.19041.0)
I have this errors with any code

swift build
[1/3] Compiling Hello main.swift
[2/4] Merging module Hello
[3/3] Linking \.build\x86_64-unknown-windows-msvc\debug\Hello.exe
[3/3] Build complete!
error: The operation could not be completed. (NSCocoaErrorDomain error 256.)

Because exe directly run ok. And windows defender say about cloud scan when i run swift run/build/...
How fix this?

I'd guess that you haven't enabled the developer mode which is is responsible for enabling symbolic links on Windows (see Symlinks in Windows 10! - Windows Developer Blog).

You could also enable symbolic links for the user through a custom GPO if you are so inclined.


Thank you so much, its helped

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