WIN10: Swift build and REPL not working

I followed the instructions for windows. Swift and VS appear to have installed properly. But when I try to build a project or attempt to simply invoke swift to get REPL going, I get the following. Any ideas on what I did wrong?

edit: I should mention, in the bin directory, I don't see a swift-build.

The 5.3 release on Windows did not include SPM, which is why you do not see swift-build in the toolchain. The REPL has a few issues in the installation (the REPL itself is functional, but there is a library search issue that has yet to be solved). You can workaround that by copying files around if you are interested in the REPL.

Note that swift is going to invoke the REPL, not the compiler, which is invoked as swiftc.

For the 5.3 release, the recommendation on Windows is to use CMake to build projects.

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