Why is “c” blue in code blocks?

As the title says, why is the letter “c” blue in a code box?

a b c d e f g
@convention(c) // OK
@convention(d) // Error

To be more specific, highlight.js, which Discourse uses for code highlighting, treats c as a “builtin”.


Thanks for the info @saagarjha

Can we make it not blue? It looks weird as a variable in short code examples, and Kyle’s example would be fine with the “c” normal-colored.


@sam.saffron any ideas on this?

Yes, we can fork this highlight script but I don't feel it is the right thing to do, we better fix the source, can you do a bug report + PR at:

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When qualified with some non-programming-language as the following, it does not seem to have this problem:

a b c d


a b c d

Obviously, this workaround won’t work for the real code snippets, but IMO it is less of a problem there, because of all the other colors.