Which toolchain + os version combinations does swift-windows-action support?

i’m trying to get a windows CI pipeline set up for swift-json using the swift-windows-action (thanks @max_desiatov !)

the example with swift 5.4.2 on Windows 2019 worked without any problems. however, i’m getting run failures on the other combinations, like swift 5.5.3 on Windows 2022. can anyone help me out here? what’s the list of all the platform + os versions swift-windows-action supports?

excerpt from one of the logs:

 compnerd.org Swift version 5.3.3-dev (LLVM 3093af41dd, Swift 266905108e)
Target: x86_64-unknown-windows-msvc
error: unable to invoke subcommand: C:\Library\Developer\Toolchains\unknown-Asserts-development.xctoolchain\usr\bin\swift-build ()

You’re using Swift 5.3.3 instead of 5.5.3 here. Swift 5.3.x toolchain doesn’t include SwiftPM on Windows.

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got it, thanks!