Which option should pass to `swift build` for keeping a symbol of C function inside SO?

Hello dev:

I Create a SPM project and it have a C language library Target that like CNIOLinux of SwiftNIO.
And it will build a SO file that named libnative-activity.so

//  android_native_app_glue.c
//  ------------------------------------

void ANativeActivity_onCreate(ANativeActivity* activity, void* savedState,
                              size_t savedStateSize) {
    LOGV("Creating: %p\n", activity);
    activity->callbacks->onDestroy = onDestroy;
    activity->callbacks->onStart = onStart;
    activity->callbacks->onResume = onResume;
    activity->callbacks->onSaveInstanceState = onSaveInstanceState;
    activity->callbacks->onPause = onPause;
    activity->callbacks->onStop = onStop;
    activity->callbacks->onConfigurationChanged = onConfigurationChanged;
    activity->callbacks->onLowMemory = onLowMemory;
    activity->callbacks->onWindowFocusChanged = onWindowFocusChanged;
    activity->callbacks->onNativeWindowCreated = onNativeWindowCreated;
    activity->callbacks->onNativeWindowDestroyed = onNativeWindowDestroyed;
    activity->callbacks->onInputQueueCreated = onInputQueueCreated;
    activity->callbacks->onInputQueueDestroyed = onInputQueueDestroyed;

    activity->instance = android_app_create(activity, savedState, savedStateSize);

Which option should pass to swift build for keeping a symbol of C function that named ANativeActivity_onCreate?
Which option should pass to swift build to avoid stripping a symbol of C function that named ANativeActivity_onCreate?

Because i need to load this C function inside this SO file at running-time by dlopen


Already attempt  "swift build  -Xlinker -u  -Xlinker ANativeActivity_onCreate", but not work.

 -u symbol
       Pretend the symbol symbol is undefined, to force linking of library modules to define it. You
       can use -u multiple times with different symbols to force loading of additional library modules.

Could you give me some suggestion? Thanks.