Wherefore art thou, zipLongest?

Is there really still no zipLongest in Swift? :hushed:

I saw a few old discussions about it, e.g. this one which spawned this pitch followed by this proposal which was rejected and redirected to swift-algorithms, but it never made it there.

this reply from @John_McCall stands out to me:

The Language Workgroup discussed this today, and we think this idea is potentially appropriate for the standard library. However, we don't think we should take it there until it can be rebuilt on top of variadic generics. In the meantime, it can be considered for the Algorithms package, which is not controlled by the evolution process. Therefore, we're closing this PR for now, and it can be reconsidered in the future when everything is in plan.

seeing as variadic generics have arrived, perhaps this is an idea whose time has finally come.

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Is there even a variadic plain zip?