Where was the review for this change?

iOS 13 shows that Foundation.Date now conforms to the Strideable protocol.

This proposal came up before (over a year ago!), but never went through review (that I'm aware of).

:one: Did I miss this review? If so, can someone please link me to it, because my attempts to search for it have been unsuccessful

:two: If I did not miss this review, then in which beta can we expect this change to be removed, and when can we expect the review for this proposal to happen?

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Foundation is not part of the Swift Open Source Project, hence it doesn't go through the swift-evolution process.


Aha, that explains it. I’ve seen enough about Foundation I’m here that I was under the impression it was also subject to the same review process, but I guess that is not the case.

Thanks for clearing this up, @broadway_lamb!

That's harsh

For more info, see this post:

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