Where to Start With SwiftUI if I Want to Develop Apps?

I think the title is self explanatory, but if not, I basically want to start developing and design apps, but I don’t know where to start nor do I have the skills necessary (I can’t code). I have experience with developing games in a no-code engine called Flowlab.IO that gave me basic understandings of logic but doesn’t allow me to improve farther than the software expects.

Any ideas where to start/how to start?

  • BusyDreamer

I’d start by having a look here.

However you seem to have tagged your post with #linux do you have access to either a Mac or iPad?

Paul Hudson's course 100 days of SwiftUI would be an excellent start: 100 Days of SwiftUI – Hacking with Swift

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Oops, yeah. I have an iPad and an iMac with XCode installed. I didn’t mean to tag it with Linux.

You might find the SwiftUI tutorial that Apple provides useful.