Where is the documentation for the most current "Release" version of Swift 4.1X? All I see is the 4.2 BETA

Can someone tell me how to get to the Language and Reference Guides for the current RELEASED 4.1 version of Swift? All I can see is BETA 4.2 documentation and can't find a link to the current release docs.

Thanks in advance.

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You're correct — the version of "The Swift Programming Language" on Swift.org has been updated for Swift 4.2. Due to tooling limitations, we only have one version of the book on the web right now.

Both the Swift 4.2 version and the 4.1 version of TSPL are available on iBooks.

Because Swift 4.1 and Swift 4.2 are very similar, you should also be able to read the current web version and just ignore the sections listed under Document Revision History that are about new features added in Swift 4.2:

  • Added information about accessing all of an enumeration’s cases to the Iterating over Enumeration Cases section.
  • Added information about #error and #warning to the Compile-Time Diagnostic Statement section.
  • Added information about inlining to the Declaration Attributes section under the inlinable and usableFromInline attributes.
  • Added information about members that are looked up by name at runtime to the Declaration Attributes section under the dynamicMemberLookup attribute.
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Thanks Alex for clearing that up. Greatly appreciated. I've been burned way too many times trying to learn Swift and trying to find help. I try to RTFM before asking anything. But the "M" has to be there :]

Maybe a quick link at the top of the page to point people in the right direction???