Where does one report issues with the swift.org website?

I was just looking at the Guided Tour page, and the code example for multiline strings talks about leading indentation, but the example renders with no leading indents:

Should I file a Jira bug or what?

There's a plan in place to open up development of swift.org and make it easier to contribute to. Ted Kremenek (@tkremenek) might be able to give an update on that. For now, filing a Jira bug against Project Infrastructure might be the best bet.


I am very fond of static websites, swift.org seems to be a good candidate for that. And then the collaboration workflow would be as easy as sending a PR; the website would update automatically after merging.

The Swift Programming Language book is tracked in Radar, not JIRA.

@John_McCall @tkremenek

I know the founders of HackMD if you're interested.

It's basically Google Docs for markdown documentation. People can make suggestions, collaborate, etc.

Ethereum is using it: link 1, link 2

I've been using it for my company's internal documentation and we are loving it.