Where do I change my variable array?

I need a variable array that can hold 100 things so I have this code.....

import SwiftUI
var mythings = [String](repeating: "a", count: 100)

And I want to add things to my array when the program starts using this type of code.....

mythings.insert("abcde", at: 0)

But the code above doesn't work.

I've tried pasting this code everywhere in Xcode but I keep getting errors.

So I'd look up the errors and try to figure it out, but I still can't figure it out. And I even tried using this viewdidload function.....

var body: some View {
func viewdidload() {
mythings.insert("Item 1", at: 0)

And this created an error that I couldn't work out.

Overall nothing's worked!

So if someone could PLEASE help me that would be appreciated.

How do I add things to my array when the app is started?

Thank you.

You can do it in the init of your App struct (not the View)

import SwiftUI

var mythings = [String](repeating: "a", count: 100)

struct FooApp: App {
    init() {
        mythings.insert("abcde", at: 0)
    var body: some Scene {
        WindowGroup {

Wow... I would never have considered putting my code in that other "not the view" section.

But, thanks to you cukr, I have done just that and it's working beautifully. So thanks for replying and, of course, the help :)

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For future reference, when you have questions about errors in your code, you should post the specific error messages instead of just saying "but I keep getting errors."

Ok, I'll try to remember that.