When Swift 4.2 will be released?


I've been using Swift v3 for quite a while and currently is planning to move to Swift v4. Based on information on Swift's blog, I found that it's about time Swift v4.2 to be released. I'm curious, when Swift v4.2 will be released? Should I move to Swift v4.1 today or better keep waiting for v4.2? If it's not too long, say about a week from today, I prefer to wait for v4.2. CMIIW.

Thank you.

I guess it will be about one month. Maybe you can move to Swift 4.1 and wait for 4.2. The difference between 4 and 3 is huge. Or you can download Xcode 10 beta to try Swift 4.2.

I supposed so. That's why I think it's better get the latest version of v4, before Swift moves to v5, especially if it's not too long to wait. I'll consider it further. Thank you.

Moving to Swift 4.1 in the meantime is not a bad idea; the further upgrade to 4.2 should be quite small in comparison.