When it comes to calling a static function from a structure, should a member wise initializer be used?

struct RunningWorkout {

var distance: Double

var time: Double

var elevation: Double

static func mileTimeFor (distance:Double,time:Double) ->Double{

return time/(distance/1600)



let run=RunningWorkout(distance:100, time:20, elevation: 400)


The whole point of static methods is that their calls are independent of any instance. Either use:

print(RunningWorkout.mileTimeFor(distance: 100, time: 20))

Or make the mile-time calculation dependent on an instance's properties, which implies changing it to a instance-level method (or property here).

struct RunningWorkout {
    var distance, time, elevation: Double

    var mileTime: Double {
        // This calculation doesn't involve elevation?...
        return time / (distance / 1600)

let run = RunningWorkout(distance: 100, time: 20, elevation: 400)

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