What's the best place to start with Swift modules?

Hi, Swift Playgrounds and Swift Explorations have Playgrounds with APIs that I cannot use on my own.

Are there any directions on how to move from the lessons to APIs accessible outside the books? For example, I use Swift Playgrounds Shapes and can make my own project in the book, but when I want to use the same features to create my own game it does not work.

Thanks, Matt

I’d say the best places to find frameworks and packages are via Apple’s documentation for their closed-source frameworks (often only available on Apple Platforms).


There’s also a huge range of Open Source swift packages.

To browse and search the Open Source ones, I’d recommend GitHub (you can limit your searches to the Swift Language) or there’s a site that aims to index as many packages as it can.

Good luck and have fun.



I highly recommend Dash.