What will happen to PythonKit now that Swift for Tensorflow has been shut down?

The title is pretty self explanatory. Is it too early or does anyone know what the direction for PythonKit is going to be like? Are there any maintainers that are active in its development or was it mainly the team from SFT that has been reassigned to other projects?

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According to this comment:

The features supporting Python interoperability are part of the core Swift language now, and PythonKit will continue to be available.

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Was PythonKit even a part of S4TF in the first place?

Kind of:

  • Originally PythonKit was based on the Python module from the Swift for TensorFlow project. The mantainers of both projects have been developing them jointly and currently PythonKit is distributed as part of the Swift for TensorFlow toolchains.
  • If you have questions about PythonKit you can ask on the Swift for TensorFlow Google Group or on the Swift Forums .

And from the S4TF archive announcement:

Spun off multiple open source side efforts which continue to be under active development:

  • PythonKit: Python interoperability with Swift.

Hi, PythonKit creator here. PythonKit was developed to vendor the Python interop module of the Swift for TensorFlow project as a Swift PM package and it added support for dynamically loading Python (so it could support Python 3 in addition to Python 2). PythonKit will remain available as is, and I will try to maintain compatibility with any future Swift version.

Of course, community collaboration to maintain it is highly appreciated but no new “big” features are expected to be included in PythonKit (as it has been for a long time now, I prefer to leave that to other external packages).