What’s happening with this sub-category?

Hi to everyone. I wanted to ask the community and the project owner what’s going on with all the threads in this sub-category lately?
To me it feels like people are dumping all sorts of iOS & friends questions into this category even if it’s not related to the composable architecture which is a great package on GitHub.
For most of the times I ignored some of these threads as there was some friction and I wasn’t 100% sure if it was related to the project or not, but I would like to clean up things from now on. That said, I’d really appreciate if members with regular trust level would move unrelated questions into #swift-users and potentially tag them with #off-topic if the topic is unrelated to any related projects sub-category or the swift project itself.

Thank you everyone. :wink:

PS: If you can’t tag or move a post yourself, feel free to ping me in the particular post to do that. I’ll happily do that when I’m around.


I personally haven't seen many posts that are not related with the project. Frameworks and startup time comes to mind but given that a big selling point of the architecture is to break down apps in packages I don't think that is so off-topic.
The rest of topics seem to relate to the project, unless I'm missing the ones that have already been moved.


What about CoreData Testing Best Practices just above this thread?

IMO this could be related to the somewhat generic name of this project... people see “composable architecture” and think it’s a place to discuss all things related to architecture. But that’s just a guess.


Maybe I'm too optimistic but that question seems related to the architecture. It doesn't mention it specifically but given is in this category I tend to think they are related. Asking how to test database effects with TCA is a legit question IMO.

Of course if I'm just being optimistic and that question has nothing to do with the TCA then yes...

yes I think we can all agree that the name is probably the worse part of the architecture :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it's hard to tell. I don't think it's related just by the facts that it's inside the subcategory (people are positing iOS related things in #development:compiler from time to time) or just because the author used a generic term like state. I've quickly scanned a few posts lately, some of them seemed not related, but I wasn't fully sure so I let them float to see what happens next. I'm not trying to point fingers here. I just share a few concerns, ask the community to keep an eye on this and moderate the posts if necessary. :sunglasses:

Totally understandable and I agree with that ^^ I always try to flag content that I see in the wrong place :grin: thanks for the good job you do keeping this space clean ^^

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The Composable Architecture holds a very strong opinion on how dependencies and side effects are managed, so there is plenty of discussion on how to control and test specific kinds of side effects (like Core Data), so I believe the question is generally library-specific, even though techniques to control Core Data can be generalized and are applicable outside of library use. He also mentions "the incremental UUID system," which is something that's used in the package to test features written in the library, though it's a pretty hidden detail :smile:

I've been watching threads as they come in and responding when I have time (there have been quite a few since the sub-forum opened :smile:), but I don't think I've come across a post that doesn't involve the library in some capacity. I also don't think I have any moderation abilities :slight_smile: Please feel free to chime into threads when it's not apparent that the discussion is around the library, though! And if a post is miscategorized I'm sure a moderator will help move things.


It looks like two threads (aside from this one) have been marked off-topic:

Both of those threads are on topic for this sub-category and should not have been tagged off-topic.