What’s going on with JIRA?

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I just got around a dozen JIRA notifications, all at the same timestamp, showing that “Admin” had made changes to some of my bug reports. Many were “closed as duplicate” without any indication what they were allegedly duplicates of. Some were then immediately reopened.

On the actual issue pages, the changes are attributed to “bad123bb123”, rather than “Admin” as shown in the notification. A comment on JIRA by @Nicole_Jacque indicates this was widespread and possibly malicious, and that the admins are working to rectify the situation.

So I’m wondering if it’s better for me to leave these issues alone and wait for an automated fix, or if I should manually reopen them?


Same issue here. Looks like something has gone rogue on the Swift issue tracker. All issues are being marked Cosed as duplicate. Every issue I've created or am watching has been closed as duplicate. Best to wait until we hear from the admins about the resolution of the problem. They might even need to restore the issue tracker from a backup.

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I came here looking for this same answer. User now named "bad123bb123" closed all my tickets with duplicate. That same user 1hr later reopened a couple of my tickets. My emails showed them named "Admin" and their icon changed from when my tickets were closed to when a couple of them were reopened.

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Basically every one of my issues was in some form modified by this malicious user. Cleaning that up would take some time.

Would reverting to a backup from before bad123bb123 went havoc be an option?

I’m another person waiting for a clear answer to this:

I have kept all the nefarious notifications I received to serve as a list of what was broken, but I have not attempted to put anything back together, and I will not do so until I hear word.


We are looking into a few options on reverting these changes. For now, please hold off from reverting changes manually if possible. Currently, I don't have a timeline when these changes will be reverted by but will keep you updated.


Thank you so much for looking into this on a weekend! :clap:


I see that some issues were reopened, but some are not. Shall we reopen the remaining ones or, perhaps, we can list them in this thread?

Please see the above:

All of the issues should be reverted back to the earlier state, however if you see any issues which were missed please directly message me. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thanks for the timely efforts! I've messaged you with some examples where things weren't completely reverted, likely because the malicious actor did some partial undoing perhaps to escape detection.

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Thanks @xwu and @jder I will look into issue you two pointed out. Currently, I don't have a timeline when these other changes will be reverted by but will keep you updated.

In Progress -> Closed (by malicious actor)
Open -> Closed (by malicious actor)

Looking into:
Resolved -> Reopened (by malicious actor)
Closed -> Reopened (by malicious actor)

Is it conceivable that the malicious actor could have also altered other data in bugs without closing or reopening them at all?


A bunch of my tickets had their component changed to "Compiler" as well. I can't verify the current state right now as I'm getting "Service Temporarily Unavailable", but that's not mentioned in your list of Done or Looking Into.

Thanks everyone for your help!


from Jan 1st 2020 at 1AM CST

@mishal_shah ...from Jan 1, 2021?


Correct, Jan 1st, 2021

When will the sign ups be resumed? Any way to sign up right now?

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