What real world examples of Macros should be developed for GSOC 2024?

I'm curious whether there are existing examples we will be working on or if we need to generate new macro examples. I'm in the process of writing the proposal and would appreciate any insights on this matter.

Welcome to the Swift forums! It's great to have you here and to see your interest in the Google Summer of Code project! :heart_hands:

While the swift-syntax repository does offer some initial macro examples, they primarily serve to introduce basic concepts rather than demonstrating direct application in real-world scenarios. This gap is precisely where this project comes into play, and a significant part of your role will be to come up with ideas for new, practical macro examples that are relevant to everyday development challenges.

To give you an idea of the kind of real-world applicability we're aiming for, consider these repositories as exemplary references:

  • Swift Case Paths by Point-Free, which extends the key path hierarchy to enum cases, offering a powerful way to work with enums in a type-safe manner.
  • Swift Spyable a Swift macro that simplifies and automates the process of creating spies for testing, enhancing testability and code quality.

These examples epitomize the practical, real-world utility we aspire to achieve with new macro examples. They not only showcase innovative uses of macros but also address common development needs, enhancing code quality and developer productivity.

I'm eager to see the ideas and perspectives you'll bring to this project.

Best of luck with your proposal, and once again, welcome aboard! :raised_hands:

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