What learning resources should I use as a beginner learning swift

Does anyone have any useful websites, courses, or things of the sort that can help me. I'm a beginner with swift and I'm just now picking it up for game development. If anyone has any resources please send them to me. I'd greatly appreciate it.

You could start with the Swift Programming language book. For general iOS app development I recommend Angela Yu’s iOS course on Udemy.

P.S: Unity and Unreal can also be used to make games for iOS however they use C# and C++ respectively

For the basics I'd recommend the Swift Playgrounds app (the teaching app, not the Xcode playgrounds), or Paul Hudson's Unwrap app for your iPhone or iPad.

You may also find the following non-Swift-specific resources useful:

I can highly recommend Swift for complete beginners for a start as it properly explains the basic concepts of Swift.

Check for Stanford cs193p in podcast and YouTube . Last 2 years were about SwiftUI but previous years were about Swift for iOS and before Objective-C for iOS