What is the process after submitting proposal?

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing great.

I recently submitted my proposal for this year's GSoC! However, I would like to know what further steps are to be taken after the submission of the proposal. Moreover, is there a chance to contribute to one of the existing projects listed for GSoC even though you were not accepted? I am an enthusiast who still wants to do this in his free time :grin:
I look forward to hearing from you all!

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Contributions are always welcome, GSoC or not. It's worth checking-in with project authors to see if what you have in mind is appropriate for a given project before spending a bunch of time on it, though.


Yeap that’s right, contributing is always welcome!

I’ll add some GSoC specific information as well though: accepted individuals and projects are announced on May 1. If it’s a big project it’s worth checking that theatres no overlap of your goals and an accepted project. It’d be a a potential source of wasted duplicate work if there’s a large overlap.

Either way though, contributions are always welcome :) make sure the direction is good and with proposal authors on the forums and then get hacking :wink:

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Hi! @Hejjee I'm the same as you I wanna see how I can contribute. Do you mind if I shoot a dm?

I see. Thank you so much for clarification. I might soon propose an idea :grin:. However, is it fine to post it in forum with rough sketch of what the idea is?