What is the process after submitting proposal?

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing great.

I recently submitted my proposal for this year's GSoC! However, I would like to know what further steps are to be taken after the submission of the proposal. Moreover, is there a chance to contribute to one of the existing projects listed for GSoC even though you were not accepted? I am an enthusiast who still wants to do this in his free time :grin:
I look forward to hearing from you all!

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Contributions are always welcome, GSoC or not. It's worth checking-in with project authors to see if what you have in mind is appropriate for a given project before spending a bunch of time on it, though.


Yeap thatโ€™s right, contributing is always welcome!

Iโ€™ll add some GSoC specific information as well though: accepted individuals and projects are announced on May 1. If itโ€™s a big project itโ€™s worth checking that theatres no overlap of your goals and an accepted project. Itโ€™d be a a potential source of wasted duplicate work if thereโ€™s a large overlap.

Either way though, contributions are always welcome :) make sure the direction is good and with proposal authors on the forums and then get hacking :wink:

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Hi! @Hejjee I'm the same as you I wanna see how I can contribute. Do you mind if I shoot a dm?

I see. Thank you so much for clarification. I might soon propose an idea :grin:. However, is it fine to post it in forum with rough sketch of what the idea is?



Hi all. I want to follow up with this email and know when the results for the GSoC will be out? Thanks.

The official GSoC website timeline says that the results will be out by 18:00 UTC of May 1st 2024.

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Yeah, we cannot publish results until the official website shares them at the official time. So, very soon :)

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